"Amerika" is a lesson of humility.

17-year-old Karl Rossmann, an immigrant, new-born in "The Promised Land" - because America remains the land of promises and not of fulfillment - meets a fellow countryman on the wharf, a wanderer, on the wrong side of the American dream and experience, who sarcastically projects for Karl the film of his future failures.

A painful string of broken dreams, missed opportunities, injustices, and inescapable humiliation will be frantically described, played, surreptitiously implied, drawn, literally and figuratively, by the fellow countryman met by chance, who earns his living as a street painter. His storytelling flexible, and his message unyielding, he identifies with all the characters that will ruthlessly shatter the naïve young man's "American dream".

This is a performance "play within a play", in which the street Painter, complicit with the audience, will teach an expat - Karl Rossmann - the painful lesson of humility.

Geirun Țino

based on  Franz Kafka
Translation and dramatization:  Geirun Țino 

Street Painter: Dragoș Spahiu
Karl Rossmann: Mihai Mitrea

Director, scenography, and musical illustration:  Geirun Țino
Photo: Vlad Catană
Running time: 1h 15 min 
Premiere date: 7 martie 2018
Age recommendation: 14+