Little Bambi was born in spring, in a clearing. He has a beautiful, loving mother; his father is the most important stag in the forest; he has many relatives and friends of every species. Even if man does appear, rifle on his shoulder (and what is this, the animals wondered, a type of arm, a third arm?), Bambi will grow up and learn what he has to do. “You have to run”, ”you have to get up”, “you have to keep moving”.  The effort and the price he must pay are great, but Bambi is a winner by nature. He is ready to become a proper prince.

In truth, the issues raised by Felix Salten’s story are much more pressing.

“Life in the forest is a constant battle for survival. Animals big and small have a common, extremely powerful, enemy: man. Faced with the hunter, rifle in hand, nobody is safe. In the forest, one must always listen carefully, stay on the alert, be ready to run.“ (Ema Stere).

Theatrical adaptation by Ema Stere

Based on the novel by Felix Salten


Young Bambi – Ioana Repciuc / Mădălina Ignat

The mother – Anca Florescu / Ana-Maria Irimia

Young Faline – Cristiana Ioniță

Young Gobo – Ștefania Dumitru

Ena – Andrada Fuscaș

The old Prince – Oliver Toderiță

Bambi – Dumitru Georgescu / Dan Clucinschi

Faline – Lia Gherman / Ioana Repciuc

Gobo – Robert Radoveneanu / Dragoș Spahiu

Ronno – Eugeniu Cozma / Dan Clucinschi

Old doe – Ana Turoș

Magpie – Andreea C. Hristu

Squirrel – Smaranda Găbudeanu

Crow – Alina Dumitrelea

Another crow – Alexandra Stroe

Owl – Meda Topîrceanu / Cosmina Dobrotă

Pheasant – Ana-Maria Irimia / Anca Florescu

Grasshopper – Lia Gherman / Mădălina Ignat

Butterfly – Cosmina Dobrotă

Directed by: Attila Vizauer

Choreography: Vava Ștefănescu

Music: Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Stage design: Viaceslav Vutcariov

Costumes: Claudia Castrase

Running time: 1h20min

Premiere date: April 3, 2016

Recommended age: 5+