Today, when the future seems so close, today, when the limits of space, time, and human capacity to create and discover are more efficient than ever, we wonder more keenly than before: where are we going? And if humankind, along thousands of years of evolution, came to be the creator of its own world, a rival to nature, what will the world created by humans look like? What will be price to pay for peace, happiness, and stability? Brave New World is a SF dystopia about a near future where people will have succeeded in ending old-age, suffering, and war, forging a safe and harmonious society. The play explores human nature at the intersection between freedom and safety, following the story of two atypical people who are willing to risk the perfection of the new world to find out the truth about how it was created, and more importantly, what changed within people themselves so that they feel there is no better alternative.

Catinca Drăgănescu

based on Aldous Huxley

Translation and dramatization: Catinca Drăgănescu


Mond – Camelia Pintilie / Oana Predescu

Bernard Marx – Alexandru Popa / Mihai Mitrea

John the Savage – Dan Pughineanu

Helmholtz Watson – Mircea Băluță

Lenina Crowne – Andreea Hristu / Ana Udroiu

Henry Foster – Ovidiu Ușvat

Tomek Chill – Bogdan Nechifor

Fanny Crowne – Dana Marineci / Loredana Cosovanu

Linda – Mihaela Trofimov / Iulia Samson

Director:  Catinca Drăgănescu

Stage design:  Andreea Negrilă

Costumes:  Elena Gheorghe

Original score: Silent Strike

Stage movement:  Simona Deaconescu

Light design and video: Dan Băsu

Assistent director:  Alina Dumitrache

Running time: 2h 30min 

Age recommendation: 14+

Official premiere: 16 mai 2018