Magia copilăriei



The Great Wizard of the world’s most fascinating land – that of childhood – has an Elf that grants all his wishes. However, the three Witches of the East plot against the Great Wizard, bringing to his palace to replace the Elf an Apprentice that is unlike any other. The Apprentice Wizard turns the entire magical universe on its head, as the most unusual tricks and fantasies become a reality. The three witches’ plot to diminish the powers of the Great Wizard fails. Still, all ends well and the absolute powers of the magical world are restored.

By Stelian Milu


The Great Wizard – Stelian Milu

The Elf – Ștefania Dumitru

Witch 1 – Mihaela Coveșeanu

Witch 2 – Silvana Ionescu

Witch 3 – Cosmina Dobrotă

The Apprentice Wizard – Antonio the magician

Stage director and scenographer: Stelian Milu

Choreography: Florian Mariș

Make-up: Stela Ciciu

Running time: 60 min.

Premiere date: May 22, 2014

Recommended age: 5+