A comedy with… “songs” for children of all ages

“After the unparalleled success of the The Naughty Cockerel comedy (54 uninterrupted years on stages in Romania and eight other countries!), seeing that the Cockerel, the Bear, and the Tomcat, along with all their friends, have come to be endeared by many generations, I thought I should follow their antics and stunts in new adventures. And this is how a new comedy featuring these heroes, as well as other characters that are bound to become dear friends to the children, was born.”

Ion Lucian

The fable-like action takes place in the forest, where the Tomcat, the Bear, and the Cockerel live in harmony in a little cottage. Their peaceful life is disturbed by a piece of news delivered by the Raven, the mailman of the forest, announcing that he throne of the kingdom, customarily occupied by a lion, had been occupied by a donkey – a foolish and evil king that was supported by knavish courtiers. As if they had read the novel by Dumas, the three heroes decide to become musketeers and slyly infiltrate in His Hehaw-ness’ guard in order to restore justice in the forest. They free the Nightingale, a symbol of liberty, from her cage, and insead lock up the usurpers – the Donkey, the Fox, and the Wolf.

By Ion Lucian


Bear – Ciprian Cojenel

Cockerel – Annemary Ziegler

Tomcat – Mihaela Coveșeanu

Raven – Robert Robert Emanuel

Rabbit – Silvana Ionescu

His Hehaw-ness Ass I – Robert Radoveneanu

Fox – Alexandru Mike Gheorghiu / Ovidiu Ușvat

Wolf – Cristian Nicolaie

Nightingale – Cosmina Dobrotă

Owl – Veronica Popescu

Directed by Ion Lucian

Scenographer: Luana Drăgoiescu

Assistant director: Paula Sorescu-Lucian

Original score: Bogdan Caragea

Choreography: Ion Tugearu

Running time: 80 min

Premiere date: October 23, 2007

Recommended age: 3+