iHamlet is a multimedia theatric performance that reflects the subjective universe of a sixteen-year-old H, a contemporary teenager, who is simultaneously amazed and disappointed by the world around him. With a cute girlfriend, annoying parents, boring school and lots of free time, H closes his eyes, and his world turns into a fabulous network of thoughts and images that he can shape the way he wants.

Based on a new text, inspired rather by Hamlet’s character than by the subject of William Shakespeare’s play, iHamlet is a hi-tech show, illustrated by audiovisual essay that talks about inadaptation and the refusal to conform to reality, but also about the conflict between the generations. The scenic language thus created fuses the expressivity of the actors, the text, the Score, video projections, new technologies, and virtual reality to build an intense sensorial experience: a personal Hamlet, a Hamlet of this generation, a contemporary Hamlet.

A concept developed by Punctart and implemented in association with the Excelsior Theater



Catrinel Bejenariu

Gabi Costin

Vladimir Purdel

Vlad Pavel


Director: Catinca Drăgănescu

Stage design and costumes: Bogdan Costea

Playwriter: Elise Wilk

Video&Light Design: Dan Basu

Choreography and stage movement: Simona Deaconescu

Sound design: INTERIOR8

Running time: 1h15min

Premiere date: 13 November 2016

Age restriction: 12+