In front of the staring eyes of the children, two very unique characters enter the stage: Kiki and Bozo the little man. In this journey, Bozo is accompanied by his playful, yet sad soul. When hazard intervenes in the lives of Kiki and Bozo, a miracle occurs. The miracle of meeting, of love, and innocence. From that moment on, a journey of self-discovery beyond appearances begins, which will take them to the vast land of life and death. What happens when they meet a little girl who has just lost Nini, the dog who used to comfort her childhood, and Bozo, who is heading to the infinity of the horizon? You will find out only if you enter this sensible universe, full of poetry, humor, and purity.

“Since my children were born, I have started enjoying theater a lot more. In some way or another, they helped me realize that theater is absolutely perfect. Theater is based on the imaginary, which is why you can show anything at any time on the stage. Kiki and Bozo were the theater’s proposal, but, after reading it, I could’ve sworn I had written them. It was exactly what I wanted to do.” – kind-hearted humanness, which will cause a lot of smiling and laughter.

by Andreea Vălean


Kiki – Ștefania Dumitru / Raluca Botez

Bozo – Richard Bbovnozcki /  Alexandru Mike Gheorghiu

Bozo’s soul – Ion Bechet / Dan Clucinschi

Director: Peter Kerek

Stage design: Iuliana Vîlsan

Score: Răzvan Apetrei

Photo: Maria Ştefănescu

Poster: Simona Giura

Running time: 45 min

Premiere date: 7 October 2014

Age restriction: 8+