Oh, my reckless lord!

The endless madness of power turns into a loss of human reason. And the birth of human thought occurs on the path of knowing one’s own wandering.

The last military campaign of King Lear. The campaign is going badly. The wish to cheat old age and life itself. Lear is a soldier and is not afraid of death. But he is afraid that he will remain alone, powerless and old. He has invented a bloody game. Ah, a mixture of foolishness and common sense! And a fearsome fun begins.

His unwilling companion of the road of life is his buffoon. His topic: the masquerade of the people when power lacks reason.

The play features two young actors, intermediaries between the contemporary audience and classic tragedy. Due to them, the audience follows, understands, and feels that the entire play is connected to themselves.

The protagonist, who begins his journey with the reckless decision to tear the country apart, goes through war, bloodshed, and treason, ending up in losing his mind and seeing old age as a gift from divinity, whom not everyone can enjoy.

Because old age is the best time to reflect on the meaning of life.

Inna Sokolova-Gordon

Based on King Lear by William Shakespeare

Director and stage adapter: Inna Sokolova-Gordon

Translator: Dimitrii Bogomaz


First actor (Lear, Goneril) – Dimitrii Bogomaz

Second actor (The Buffoon, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia) – Radu Micu

Photo: Vlad Catană

Length: 1h30min

Premiere date: 24 November 2017

Age restriction: 12+