Good friends, and dear enemies, don't let yourselves fooled by the name we have chosen for ourselves, for our play is boring and abundant, as the very lives of this esteemed audience, Ladies and Gentlemen. However, this should not upset you in the least, for both the boredom and abundance of our lives turn us into something more than mere mortals.

Fifteen daring dreamers - descendants of buffoons - will paint for you the small gestures and grand ambitions that intertwine in the flow of time and humankind's destiny, from Genesis until today. In their games they will use familiar events, secret desires, emotions and fantasy as ladders to reach the Unknown. They chose as guardian Mr. Rabelais, known creator of certainly true stories, such as those you will see at the theatre. On stage you will surely recognize one or another; you will in the very least spot a familiar countenance - who knows, perhaps even your own. But fear not, for there will be no tears this evening,  but we do hope to steal a smile at least.

Play inspired from „Gargantua & Pantagruel”

By François Rabelais


Alexandru Petcu

Alexandru Popa

Ana Guran

Ana Udroiu

Andrei Bibire

Dan Pughineanu

Dana Marineci

Loredana Cosovanu

Mara Oprea

Mihaela Trofimov

Mircea Alexandru Băluță

Oana Predescu

Sandra Ducuță

Ștefan Huluba          

Vlad Galer


Aurel Ciucur – tobe
Constantin Axinte Amza – zither
Cătălin Gorgon Grigorescu – trompetă
Ionel Păucă – tubă

Director: Horia Suru

Scenography: Cristian Marin

Stage movement: Alin State

Original score: Petre Ancuța

Light Design:  Cristian Niculescu

Sound:  Luca Achim

Prophecy interpreter:  Doru Mareș

Assistant director: Irina Zlotea

Makeup & Effects Makeup Artist:
Mara Rădulescu

Photo: Maria Ștefănescu

Running time: 2h 

Premiere date: 17 noiembrie 2017

Age recommendation: 14+