Lord of the Flies is an essential work, that, along with writings such as A Clockwork Orange or Animal Farm, studies the depth human nature. This type of stories are important because we can recognize the archetypes or even the personalities of these characters around us. William Golding's work is chillingly contemporary. The problem of violence, young people attacking other young people, bullying, are more and more prevalent. And even if a story can’t magically change things, it can make the reader or the audience question themselves and talk about these problems.

A group of children are evacuated from a war zone and the plane that was supposed to save them is shot down over an island. The only survivors are a few children. When they are faced with the possibility of choosing between waiting for the rescuers in an orderly fashion and doing anything their hearts desire, the boundary between game and reality becomes so thin, almost invisible. Isolated from the rest of the world on this island, in a mesmerizing land, uncontaminated, sheltered from the war atrocities, these boys act on instinct, and resort to solutions offered by human nature.

Tudor Lucanu

based on the novel by: William Golding

Adaptation:  Nigel Williams

Translation: Ozana Oancea


Ralph – Ștefan Iancu

Jack – Vlad Ionuț Popescu

Piggy – Mihai Mitrea

Roger – Ștefan Mihai

Simon – Alex Popa

Sam – Dan Pughineanu

Eric – Andrei Bibire

Henry – Dan Clucinschi

Bill – Vlad Lință

Perceval – Alin Potop


Loredana Cosovanu

Mircea Alexandru Băluță

Director: Tudor Lucanu

Scenography: Vladimir Turturica

Stage movement: Ștefan Lupu

Music and sound: Petre Ancuța

Assistent director: Alina Dumitrache

Photo: Vlad Catană

Running time: 1h 30 min 

Premiere date: 28 decembrie 2017

Age recommendation: 12+