The strange story of the time thieves and the child who gave back to the people the stolen time

Momo – a girl who came out of nowhere from the ruins of a Roman theater, on the outskirts of a big city – is content with living only from what she can find or receive from her friends. However, she has an extraordinary gift – of listening to her friends’ stories. One day, the gray people, the time consumers who can make the world become frozen in time for good, invaded the city, and only Momo has the power to stop them. She fight against the vast army of the gray people with a flower in her hand and a turtle under her arm, so that she can give the stolen time back to the people.

based on a fairytale-novel by Michael Ende

by Lenuş-Teodora Moraru


Momo – Silvana Mihai

Gigi the Guide – Alexandru Voicu

Master Ora – Ștefan Velniciuc / Ion Bechet

Casiopeea – Adina Cristescu

Beppo the Sweeper – Ion Bechet

Maria – Iulia Diana Samson

Cleo / Bibigirl – Raluca Botez

Lilişor – Cosmina Dobrotă

Francesca – Corina Dragomir

Giogio – Ștefania Dumitru

Petro – Oana Tofan

Mrs. Liliana – Silvana Ionescu

Mister Fusi – Cristian Nicolaie

Mister Nino – Robert Robert Emanuel

Mister Costa – Marian Rădulescu

The gray judge – Robert Radoveneanu / Ovidiu Uşvat

Blw/553/c – Annemary Ziegler

Xyq/386/b – Daniela Ioniţă-Marcu / Magda Condurache

Bpa/732/j – Tudor Pîrvu / Veronica Popescu

Rsi/610/f – Veronica Popescu / Tudor Pîrvu

Gray people – Raluca Botez, Cosmina Dobrotă, Oana Tofan, Iulia-Diana Samson, Ștefania  Dumitru, Corina Dragomir, Marian Rădulescu

Director: Lenuş-Teodora Moraru

Stage design: Gelu Rîscă

Choreography: Victoria Bucun

Photo: Adrian Bulboacă

Poster: Ileana Surducan

Running time: 1 h 45 min

Premiere date: 20 noiembrie 2014

Age restriction: 8+