What happens when your role can be taken over by someone else? And what can happen if the new actor is the least likely to be suitable for the proposed role. An executioner, a victim, and a system that must be defeated. A condemned and an executioner. A child and a mother. Lots of questions, lots of possible answers. Relations change. The light is moving, you are standing still. The game is being controlled by somebody from the outside and has no finality.

The play has two parts: Playing with Theater – the play that won the NEW DRAMA 2015 Contest for Teenage Screenwriting, and Shadows, a completion that amplifies the feeling of being manipulated and of dark decay, but which nonetheless leaves a small ray of hope.

Paradoxically, to go into the light, you must come out of the light… the only condition is to be perfectly aware of what you want to see. And that takes courage.

Based on Jocul de-a teatrul (“Playing with Theater”), by Georgiana Barcan, and Umbre (“Shadows”), by Ilinca-Anamaria Prisăcariu


The hangman – Marian Rădulescu

The executioner – Oliver Toderiță

The mother – Isabela Neamțu

The children – Daniel Cosmin Țâcu / Sara Maria Ghimpu

Director: Horia Suru

Stage design: Horia Suru

Video- & sound-design: Luca Achim

Light-design: Adrian Neculce

Running time: 50 min

Premiere date: 20 March 2016

Age restriction: 12+