"What is the concept of this staging? More than one hundred years ago, I.L. Caragiale was writing about the Romanian nouveau-riche and about the various situations he was facing. What the master of Romanian drama wrote back then is still relevant today, and the concept of this staging is precisely the undeserved rags-to-riches success, self-righteousness, and especially the falsity turned into the norm, everything showcased  gilded and grandiose. " (Stelian Milu)

By I.L. Caragiale  


Sir  Dumitrache – Iulian Ilinca

Nae Ipingescu – Tudor Pîrvu

Chiriac – Ciprian Cojenel

Spiridon – Stelian Milu

Rică Venturiano – Vladimir Drăghia / Radu Micu

Veta – Silvana Ionescu

Ziţa – Diana Dumitrescu / Cătălina Grama (Jojo)

Director: Stelian Milu

Costumes: Cătălin Botezatu

Scenography:  Delphi Design, Galeria Royal

Musical illustration: Ciprian Cojenel

Stage movement: Florin Mariș

Video concept: Cristian Niculescu

Graphics and photography: Luca Achim

Running time: 1h 30 min (cu pauză)

Premiere date: 2017

Age recommendation: 12+