#TEENSPIRIT is not a continuous, classic story. It is a live play, different and surprising, a mixture of fiction and the personal story of its creators, a true kaleidoscope of adolescence.

Adolescence is not only about frolicking a bit, making bad jokes, or falling in love here and there; on the contrary, it is an extreme period in one’s life. The experiences are extreme! These are the first moments in which you try to get deeper into life, to break away from things, to push and stretch the limits. This is not always pleasant; it hides a lot of risks, conflicts, blows, and pain.

#TEENSPIRIT does not care about conventions or politeness. It is an unpolite show about first love, about the relationship with one’s parents, about the relationship with school, about the dreams and desires of a generation. A play that does not avoid pain or shock, but simply goes on and passes through the wall.

A collective play by:

Răzvan Krem Alexe, Irina Antonie, Vlad Bălan, Adela Bengescu, Vlad Bîrzanu, Raluca Botez, Nicholas Caţianis, Sonia Divile, Laurenţiu Drăgan, Ştefania Dumitru, Maria Teodora Filip, Sebastian Ghiţă, Mihaela Kavdanska, Peter Kerek, Maria Mitu, Ciprian Nemeşiu, Teodora Daiana Păcurar, Dana Rogoz, Alina Rotaru, Aurelian Stoleriu, Ovidiu Uşvat, Iuliana Vîlsan, Dilmana Yordanova

Photography: Adi Bulboacă

Running time: 1h 45 min

Premiere date: 18 November 2015

Age restriction: 16+