Winner of the drama contest for teenagers NEW DRAMA 2018

The play engages the public in a conversation about the most damaging and visible vices of the contemporary individual: the excessive attention to one's own public image. The Boy in Pink Socks speaks about our world riddled with stereotypes, lack of empathy, alienation , and angst, all in an incredibly relevant comedy that hides, behind every roar of laughter, a tragic reflection of the world we live in.

"The Boy in Pink Socks was born out of my need to escape the mundane out into an imaginary world. In a universe void of morality, all reference points are turned upside down by absurd trends, and the individual comes to lose their judgment and reason. A minor, inconsequential incident can grotesquely transform, in a never-ending whisper, into a catastrophe. The play speaks, in fact, about our frivolity and obsession with breaking news" Alexandru Gorghe, author

By: Alexandru Gorghe


Dodi / Larisa's Mother / Reporter – Aida Avieriței   
Eliza / Larisa / Wary Spectator – Loredana Cosovanu
Eliza's Mother / Concerned Parent / Ms. Râlea – Oana Predescu
Psychologist / Director of the sock factory – Mircea Alexandru Băluță
Worker Râlea – Mihai Mitrea
The boy in pink socks – Alex Popa

Director: Ciocîrlan

Scenography: Clara Pop

Stage movement: Mariana Gavriciuc

Light Design:  Daniel Buglea

Orinigal score:  Adrian Piciorea

Graphic design: Karla Broșteanu

Assistant director: Elena Coman

Official premiere: 19 aprilie 2019

Age recommendation: 14+

Running time: 1h 15min