The Excelsior Theater and the Artextract Association have established a project addressed to teenagers, by which the social play is used as an intervention method to encourage standing up and finding ways to defend values. The Classroom is played by teenagers for teenagers, which discusses issues specific to their age in an accessible manner, which does not lack humor and irony: an assemblage of moments regarding dominant topics at that age – marginalization, running away into a virtual world, the influence of domestic violence over youngsters, the suicide tendency at that age, the first love, the temptation of drugs, etc. In addition, it is a modern play that combines acting skills and pantomime with dance and video projections.

This play is the first social play from the “You can choose!” program.


Gabriel Gheorghiu, Roberta Vasiliev, Ana Maria Radu, Alexandru Zaliznea, Andrei Roşu, Georgiana Ion, Andreea Tanaşcu, Bianca Matthew, Mihaela Neagoie, Costin Răileanu, Andrei Tăpîrdea, Vlad Marin, Jennifer Gîrbiţa, Elena Pârvu, Maria Florentina Badea, Teodora Stoica

Director: Mihai Răzuş

Scriptwriter: Mihai Răzuş şi Eduard Dumitru

Slideshow: Octavian Frecea

Photo: Aurel Baboi

Poster: Simona Giura

Running time: 50 min

Premiere date: 14 December 2014

Age restriction: 12+