The Comic Illusion (L'Illusion Comique) - a play about theatre

In a cave in Touraine, the magical wand of "wizard" Alcandru brings life into the adventures of Clindor, the wandering son, in his quest to soothe his father's pain, Pridamant. However, the real subject of The Comic Illusion, independent from romantic intrigues, is theatre itself and what it teaches us about our relationship to our reality.

The Comic Illusion, or Game of Deception - another title of the play -is a mix of lights and shadows, a composition that goes from drama to comedy, from buffoonery to tragedy, and in which the author  eulogizes theatre, whose social function is irrefutable

Anca Ciuclaru

by  Pierre Corneille

Translation: C. Borănescu-Lahovary și Iosif C. Mătăsaru

Adaptation:  Anca Ciuclaru


Alcandru / Adraste – Doru Bem

Pridamant – Ion Bechet

Clindor – Dan Clucinschi

Izabela – Ana Udroiu

Liza – Dana Marineci

Matamor / Dorante / Florilam – Radu Micu

Geronte / Temnicer – Marian Rădulescu 

Spectre – Iulia Samson

Director and stage design: Anca Ciuclaru

Costumes: Maria Nicola

Live music: Horea Suciu

Light design: Cristian Niculescu / Costi Baciu

Painting and stage design:  Lăcrămioara Matei

Photo: Vlad Catană

Running time: 1h 45 min 

Premiere date: 19 aprilie 2018

Age recommendation: 12+