The Fairy of the Dawn  is probably one of the most beautiful fairytales of our childhood, and has now been adapted into a play. While in an updated form, it preserves the beautiful literary craftsmanship of Ioan Slavici. 

The story of the Emperor, who half-cries and half-laughs, and of his three sons invites the spectators into a world of fantasy and adventure. Here, they meet the playful Bay Horse, who can speak better than a human being, the terrible Saint Friday, Peter, Luke, and Matthew – the Emperor’s sons, the mighty dragon, the spirit of the forest and flowers, and the most beautiful of all heavenly and earthly being – the Fairy of the Dawn.

Based on a story by: Ioan Slavici


Peter – Dan Clucinschi

Luke – Ciprian Cojenel

Emperor – Ștefan Velniciuc

Bay Horse – Robert Radoveneanu

Saint Friday – Jeanine Stavarache

Fairy of the Dawn – Raluca Botez

Fairies – Cosmina Dobrotă, Veronica Popescu, Iulia Diana Samson

Adapted and directed by: Luana Drăgoiescu

Music: George Marcu

Choreography: Andreea Duță

Light-design: Gheorghe Jipa

Sound-design: Mihnea Chelariu

Running time: 80 min.

Premiere: October 15, 2012

Recommended age: 4+