The play The Great Shame simultaneously represents the first theatric performance directed by a Rroma woman and the first show about the history of the slavery of the Rroma and its contemporary social consequences, based on historical and social research in the field. The project is based on the participation of both Rroma and non-Rroma actors, who work together to form a team reflecting diversity and tolerance.

The play tells the story of a young female graduate student who asks the supervisor of her graduation thesis if he would like to supervise a paper on the slavery of the Rroma.

How do we assume a specific identity? How can we assume an identity when fundamental parts of history remain untold and the connections between history and the present remain undiscussed? What are our stories? Who writes history? Whose history is written and how?

The Great Shame play presents a page from Romania’s history that is missing both from the history books and from the contemporary mentality and social discussions. The play revolves around the topic of shame. Historical shame about a rejected past, personal shame towards our own identity, and the shame to empathize with the Rroma in our lives.

“As advised by the spirit of the age and by the laws of humanity, a number of old and young boyars have undertaken the task of ridding their homeland of the shame of slavery.” (Mihail Kogălniceanu).

By: Alina Șerban

Director: Alina Șerban

Cast: Alina Șerban / Doinita Oancea, Oana Rusu, Elena Duminică, Sorin Sandu, Radu Ciobănașu

Stage design and costumes: Maria Crețu

Score: Cristian Constantin

Light design: Ionuț Dumitrașcu

Projector: Alina Manea

Videoprojections: Tania Cocureanu

Assistant director: Radu Pocovnicu

Produced by: CNCR-RK 2018

Photo: Cornel Brad

Running time: 2 hours without a break

Premiere date: February 2018

Age restriction: 7+