The House of the Cat is a story about friendship and altruism, about the way in which the main character, the Cat, discovers how important it is to take care of those around you when you are wealthy and to appreciate kindness, especially when it comes from the heart of your most impoverished fellow man. The performance is dedicated to children and parents alike.

The contagious smile of the beloved late Ioan Gyuri Pascu issues forth from the music and lyrics of the songs in this play – among the last he composed for theater; the songs were meant to “honor and delight the child within us”, in the words of the artist himself.

By Samuil Marșak

Theatrical adaptation by Robert Robert Emanuel

Based on a translation by Gellu Naum


Artistocratic cat – Silvana Ionescu

Vasile the tomcat – Robert Robert Emanuel

Kitten – Ștefania Dumitru

Storytelling dog – Ciprian Cojenel

Goat – Raluca Botez

Billy-goat – Oliver Toderiță

Hen – Annemary Ziegler

Rooster – Dragoș Spahiu

Sow – Cosmina Dobrotă

Firefighter beaver – Magda Condurache

Jackdaws – Oana Tofan, Veronica Popescu

Chicks, piglets – Oana Tofan, Veronica Popescu, Magda Condurache

Directed by: Lenuș-Teodora Moraru

Scenography: Gelu Rîșca

Choreography: Victoria Bucun

Music and lyrics: Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Video-design, Mapping: Cristian Niculescu, Luca Achim

Photo: Vlad Catană

Running time: 1h

Premiere date: November 20, 2016

Recommended age: 4+