By its manner of adaptating the story to children’s theater, the play kept the essence of Andersen’s writing: the invincible force of love for other human beings.

The Little Mermaid tells the story of a mermaid who fell in love with a young prince, whom she saved from the waves during a shipwreck. In order to be with her chosen one, the Little Mermaid sells her pretty hair, loses her voice, and receives legs in the place of her fin. These cause terrible pain to her, which leads to more torture and doubt, as she finds out that the Prince intends to marry Barbara the Witch, whom he believed had saved him. In a sudden plot twist, the witch is exposed and banished, and the Little Mermaid becomes the Prince’s wife.

The story impressed the inhabitants of Copenhagen so much that they raised a statue to the little mermaid Ariel, which has been watching the seas for over a hundred years.

based on Hans Christian Andersen

Stage adaptation: Alexandru Andy Kessler


The Little Mermaid – Annemary Ziegler

The Prince – Cristian Nicolaie

Barbara the Witch – Silvana Ionescu

Baron Schpitz – Vasile Menzel

The Turtle – Silvana Ionescu / Veronica Popescu

The King, the Dolphin – Robert Radoveneanu

Triton,  the Executioner – Ștefan Velniciuc

Director: Olimpia Arghir

Stage design: Ștefan Pârvulescu

Score: Henry Mălineanu

Choreography: Roxana Colceag

Running time: 1h

Premiere: 1996

Age restriction: 4+