The Ugly Duckling is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s best-known stories, whose protagonist is a swan’s duckling, hatched by a duck. The duckling seems special because he is different from his syblings. All the birds in the garden think he is ugly, so he suffers because of it and runs away. After a lot of misadventures through the reeds, on the lake, the wandering duckling randomly bumps into a flock of swans, whom he deems the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. To his surprise, they welcome him into the flock, recognizing him as one of their own. “The ugly duckling” had grown up in the meantime and turned into a beautiful swan, yearning to travel across the world.

stage adaptation by Maria Manolescu

based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen


The Duckling – Ion Bechet

The Duck Mom, The Old Woman, The Wild Duckling 2, The Swan 1, The Peasant’s Wife – Annemary Ziegler

The Neighbor Duckling, The Cat, The Spanish Duckling, The Hen, The Swan 2, The Fish, The Crow – Silvana Ionescu

The Turkey, The Hound, The Tomcat, The Swan 3, The Peasant – Robert Robert Emanuel

The Brother 1, The Goose 1, The Swan 4,  Child of the peasant 1 - Marian Sas

The Brother 2, The Goose 2, Swan 4,  Child of the peasant 1 - Andrei Vizitiu

The Sister, The Chicken, The Wild Duckling 1, The Swan 6, The Peasant’s Child 3 – Raluca Iuraşcu

Director: Mihai Manolescu

Stage design: Andreea Koch

Musical illustration: Constanţa Câmpeanu

Running time: 1h 20 min

Premiere date: 9 June 2015

Age restriction: 5+