“The holidays bring people together...”

“Tonight, nobody is alone...”

... Tonight represents the beginning of a new year, a moment of resolutions, wishes, hopes... and everything seems perfect... but... suddenly, a banal accident “breaks” the silence and the UNFORESEEN invades the home and life.

And, as everyday advertisement does not give up, an announcement joins two characters from different worlds.

How will they traverse the watershed between the years, the watershed of their lives?

Plot twists, confessions, reproaches, despair... comical in their “drama”...

Will the two characters find something in common apart from “the taste of coffee”?

We will find that this lyrical comedy “is no game”, but that it is instead bittersweet like coffee, a tragic comedy in which the common factor of wishes is finding out the state of grace of the NOT-PLAYED game. (Catrinel Dumitrescu)

based on Pauline Daumale

Cast: Catrinel Dumitrescu, Victoria Cociaș

Voices: Costin Enache, Orodel Olaru, Anca Șurian Caproș, Anca Romeci, Claudiu Țigănaș, Alexandru Mike Gheorghiu

A play by: Catrinel Dumitrescu

Photo: Vlad Catană