We’ve all heard about Tom Sawyer and his adventures. We’ve read them, we’ve found them amusing, some even scared us at certain points. One thing is certain: none of us ever imagined that Tom could sing and dance as he does on stage at the Excelsior Theater, side by side with Huckleberry Finn, Joe Harper, Becky Thatcher or Aunt Polly. Because Thomas Sawyer is full of secrets. And he never fails to surprise us.

Based on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

By Mark Twain


Thomas Sawyer – Andrei Brădean

Huckleberry Finn – Alexandru Aron

Rebecca Thatcher – Ioana Repciuc / Aida Avieriței

Joseph Harper – Andrei Radu

Polly – Daniela Ioniță-Marcu

Mr. Dobbins – Robert Radoveneanu

Benjamin Rogers – Ovidiu Usvat

Billy Fisher – Alex Ștefănescu

Amy Lawrence – Alina Petrică / Oana Predescu

Sally Rogers – Aida Avieriței / Ioana Repciuc

Grace Miller – Ana Udroiu

The Lawyer – Oliver Toderiță

Indian Joe – Antonio the magician

Directed by Horia Suru

Scenography: Cristina Milea

Original score: Petre Ancuța

Choreography: Ștefan Lupu

Video editor: Luca Achim

Art consultant: Oana Răsuceanu

Photo: Alexandra Pasca

Running time: 1h20min

Premiere date: October 2, 2015

Recommended age: 12+