Thumbelina, who was born in a lotus flower as a result of Mother’s great wish, is carried away by the wind while she is playing outside with her friends – the Ladybug, the Dragonfly, and the Butterfly – and trying to hide from Mr. Toad. She is led astray into the underground world of the Mole and Ms. Field Mouse, from which she is saved by the Swallow – the one she had nursed back to health. Together, they reach a sunny faraway land where she meets the flower-fairy prince she ultimately marries, the friends she had left behind, and her Mother. 

How can a mother’s wish change the world? How can such a tiny, playful, and innocent creature such as Thumbelina change the world? The paths of our childhood are forever shrouded in mystery. Somebody had to rediscover the story of Thumbelina and conjugate it in the present tense. Out of the treasurebox of his memories, Aurel Mitran brought to light this tale; he brushed the dust of time off it, re-wrote the story and adapted it into a willful, humorous, fantastic play. 

This play is the first theatrical project presented within the You have a choice social program.

Based on a story by: Hans Christian Andersen


Narrator – Ciprian Cojenel

Thumbelina – Corina Dragomir

Thumbelina’s Mother / Ms. Field Mouse – Annemary Ziegler

Ladybug – Veronica Popescu

Dragonfly – Oana Tofan

Butterfly – Stelian Milu

Mr. Toad – Tudor Pîrvu

Mr. Mole – Dragoș Spahiu

Swallow – Mihaela Coveșeanu

Prince – Ovidiu Ușavat

Directed by: Aurel Mitral

Stage design: Ștefan Pârvulescu

Assistant director: Annemary Ziegler

Original score: Jolt Kerestely

Photo: Florin Ghioca

Poster: Alexandru Köver

Running time: 60 min.

Premiere date: January 30, 2014

Recommended age: 3+