"We keep complaining more and more often that we have no time for ourselves, to do things we enjoy,  for our family, for that which matters to us, that we no longer know who we are. Why? Because the contemporary person wants to do too many things, too fast, with such preoccupied fervor. They must have  a bright career and a happy marriage, honors-student children, a rich social life, but a very active virtual life as well.  The contemporary person wants it all, but does not realize that time cannot dilate so that they can do everything right, and thus drama ensues: parents with brilliant careers forced to work late, sometimes on the weekends, but who have not one second to spare for their own children - abandoned most of the times in the arms of the babysitter of private kindergartens; teenagers whose lives take place too often in the virtual world and too little in the real world, who go through anxiety attacks when they face a real situation, and so on."  (Anca Ciuclaru)

„TimeAholics” is the winner of the New Drama contest, 2016 

By Bogdan Capșa 


Saleswomen – Lavinia Șandru / Andreea Șovan

Bogdan – Ovidiu Ușvat

Dragoș / Alex – Dan Clucinschi

Ghiță – Marian Rădulescu

Mr. Timpureanu – Robert Robert Emanuel

Mihaela – Iulia Samson

Alexandra – Andreea Șovan / Oana Tofan

Director, scenographer: Anca Ciuclaru

Graphics: Florin Bărăscu

Video & sound design: 
Cristian Niculescu, Luca Achim

Make-up: Andra Maria

Official premiere: 26 februarie 2017

Age recommendation: 12+