With a little help from my friends is about the cry of rage of a generation that needs to be listened and understood.

In the midst of a summer night, on a beach, in a strange landscape, a game takes place that is as dangerous as it is seducing. A few teenagers come to the seaside to have fun, fall in love, dream, and, perhaps, to die.

My play discusses the hidden things that lie at the core of the characters, which surface through the game, making the situation spiral out of control.

Alexandru Mâzgăreanu


Never again have I lived so much for and through my friends as in high school. I would like to my sixteen-year-old self and have a little chat with her. And this is what I want for everyone who watches this play: to have a little chat, at the end, about how we can genuinely help each other, whether we are teenagers or their older friends.

Maria Manolescu

by Maria Manolescu


Miki – Alexandru Voicu / Bogdan Florea

Radu – Vlad Bălan

Andi – Andrei Cătălin

Ada – Irina Antonie

Ruxandra – Beatrice Rubică

Director: Alexandru Mâzgăreanu

Stage design: Romulus Boicu

Score: Alexandru Suciu

Video Mapping & Design: Luca Achim și Cristian Niculescu

Photo: Romulus Boicu

Running time: 1h20 min

Premiere date: 7 June 2016

Age restriction: 16+